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Ethernet bridge/router DSL modems

AccessDSL is a wide range of DSL modems targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs.

Main Features

Long distance transmission over single pair
Ethernet user interface
Bridge and router functionality
Built-in four ports Ethernet hub
Telnet, VT100 and SNMP management options
Interoperability with many DSLAMs
Subrack or Stand-Alone
Easy software upgrade with flash ROM
High Quality and High Performance


Faster and Easier Internet Access and LAN-to-LAN Interconnection

AccessDSL SmartLink modems are targeted to meet IP-world needs. Built-in router and Four-Port Ethernet hub make SOHO connection to the Internet easy and cost-effective. AccessDSL as CPE equipment is interoperable with many of G.SHDSL. AccessDSL SmartLink can be also used in a central office; especially effective for small and medium size POPs. Finally, typical campus applications like LAN-to-LAN bridging over a few kilometers long copper pair are natural for AccessDSL SmartLink with its transparent bridge functionality.

AccessDSL SmartLink modems use ATM protocol over DSL line. It gives an opportunity to control QoS (Quality of Service) transmitting different kinds of traffic like files transfer, videoconferencing and database access. Built-in router software saves both money and space. NAT (Network Address Translation) function allows Internet connection of the whole LAN using single IP address. DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to all the workstations.

System administrator will be impressed with flexibility of management options. Simple and easy-to-use command menu is accessible via local serial port, Telnet, SNMP or WEB interfaces. Password protection guaranties network security.

AccessDSL SmartLink modems use TC-PAM (G.SHDSL) coding. G.SHDSL is the first international standard for high-speed symmetrical data transfer over copper pair. It combines superior reach and electromagnetic spectrum compatibility with other DSL services (like ADSL for example) running in the same cable. G.SHDSL standard describes also interoperability features to allow interconnection between SHDSL modems of different vendors.

AccessDSL series can be delivered in two types of mechanics designed to meet CO, campus and SOHO needs. It is subrack plug-in card version for installation into universal 19" 6U Access subrack and stand-alone version for desktop use.




Easy and cost-effective Internet Access

LAN interconnection


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