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AccessDSL is a wide range of DSL modems targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs

Main Features

1Up to 2Mbit/s Data and 4 or 8 Voice channels over copper lines
Universal User Interface: G.703 + N64 (V.35/V.36/X.21) +FXS/FXO/VF E&M
Digital Pair Gain Application
Removable add-on Voice modules
CAS signaling analyzing
TC-PAM (G.SHDSL) single or dual pairs
Add/drop repeater available


The access.DSL Integrated Access Devices for Cost-effective Voice and Data Connections

Both network operators and subscribers are willing to use "full package" approach. In terms of DSL access it means being able to connect telephones (fax machines, modems) and LANs over single existing copper pair. access.DSL IAD is an easy-to-implement and investment-friendly solution to satisfy these needs.

Unlike Voice-over-IP and Voice-over-ATM ideas, access.DSL IAD uses field proven and cost effective TDM transmission mechanism. Building of "fully packetized" access network requires Voice Gateways, DSLAMs, ATM or IP backbones and a number of other expensive network elements. access.DSL IAD allows voice and data subscribers to be connected to existing telco infrastructure i.e. to the Public Switch and ISP router. On the CO side access.DSL is connected to the Voice switch using standard E1 trunk (with any type of CAS signaling) or via analogue 2-wire a/b (FXO) interface. Data connection to the Internet node (router) is made via universal digital interface (V.35/V.36 or X.21). On CPE side customer has an option of one or two Voice Cards (4 analogue FXS interfaces each) to be installed on a main DSL board. Main DSL board provides universal digital interface (V.35/V.36 or X.21) for connection of LAN over inexpensive SOHO router. There is an option of additional G.703/704 interface on CPE side for digital PBX.

In many cases access.DSL IAD can be also implemented as cost-effective and better-quality alternative to traditional Digital Pair Gain Systems. IAD (same like Pair Gain System) can provide multiplication of subscriber lines by factor of 4 or 8. In addition it gives to both operator and subscriber many new advantages:

POTS and Internet over existing copper line
Direct digital connection to the CO switch (no double Analogue-to-Digital conversion)
TC-PAM (SHDSL) line coding providing much longer reach comparing to conventional 2B1Q-based Pair Gain Systems
Flexibility of step by step upgrade on CPE side (4 telephones, then 8 telephones, then G.703 for PBX)
Linear add/drop and tree access network configurations when access.DSL IAD is used in combination with access.DSL add/drop repeater, cross-connect and TDM modules



Integrated Access to voice and data services over copper pair for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME) and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)


Conventional and Advanced (without double analogue-to-digital conversion) Digital Pair Gain Applications with an option of High-Speed on-line Internet connection


Linear add-drop and Tree access network configurations for utilities (railways, pipelines, waterways, highways), rural areas, campus applications


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