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Ethernet bridge DSL modems

AccessDSL is a wide range of DSL modems targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs.

Main Features

• G.SHDSL.BIS, G.SHDSL, IEEE 802.3ah,  802.1q, 802.3, 802.3u, ITU-T K20/K21, IEC 1000-4-5 class 2
• Ethernet Bridge 10/100BT
• VT100, Telnet, WEB and SNMP management
• Up to 52 ports in one shelf (CO side)
• 5.7, 11.4 and 22.8Mbps
• Long Distance transmission over single pair
• Subrack, Mini-rack or Standalone
• Easy software upgrade with flash ROM
• High Quality and Performance


Faster and Easier Internet Access and LAN-to-LAN Interconnection without ATM DSLAM infrastructure

AccessDSL EtherLink II is designed for business-oriented high-speed Internet access, AccessDSL EtherLink II series is applicable as a fully scalable CO IP-DSLAM product, where investments are synchronized with demand, Being able to extend the capacity of the CO shelf with one or two DSL ports Increments, the provider still benefits from the very economical link price, using EtherLink II stand-alones for CPE side, the Universal CO shelf accommodates also many other AccessDSL/AccessGain products like E1/N64 DSL modems, VolP gateways, fiber-optic modems, cross-connect, voice and data TDM mux.

AccessDSL EtherLink II series offers symmetrical service at the speed up to 5.7Mbps for the distances up to 2.4km over one or 11.4Mbps over two or 22.8Mbps over four copper pairs. Symmetrical transmission (unlike ADSL) implies no application limitations. High-speed bi-directional transmission is very suitable for business DSL subscribers who prefer to run WWW and mall server’s at-site, in the local LAN. Another key feature of AccessDSL EtherLink VLAN functionality - helps to build corporate virtual networks connecting branch offices and home-employed staff.

Being focused on ISP applications where connection cost, manageability and security are the major factors, AccessDSL EtherLink II works as a transparent bridge, where all CPE units are fully controllable and configurable from the CO side locally or via centralized management system. Taking into account the increasing thread of Internet based intrusions, firewall and router/switch functions, which are the keys to the subscribers' corporate security, are left to external devices to be completely independent from the DSL service provider.




EtherLink II application for Internet Access and network element connections:

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