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An universal Access Platrorm

Compact and Cost-effective SDH systems

AccessGain is an Univarsal Access Plaform, targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs.

Main Features

• Protected SDH-transport for transmission of traditional (TDM) and LAN traffic.
• Flexible configuration
• Terminal multiplexer
• Add/drop multiplexer
• Cross-connector 4xSTM-1
• Repeater
• Three-directional Ethernet 10/100BT Bridge
• Built-in SNMP agent for local/centralized management
• Small size (19”, 2U) and low power consumption

Full range of traditional functionalities of STM-1 level SDH systems Ethernet 100 and V.11 interfaces for LAN-traffic and data Open management system based on SNMP agent
Fiber-optic Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) transmission systems AccessGain A155/T155 can be successfully applied for installation of first hierarchy level STM-1 core networks. Add/drop nodes are based on AccessGain A155 multiplexer, also for two “rings” conjunction. AccessGain T155 is used for installation of terminal nodes and “point-to-point” connections.

AccessGain systems A155/T155 are also used as high-speed transmission subsystem of universal platform AccessGain. SDH multiplexer AccessGain A155/T155 being combined with AccessGain access system allows complete access network installation with the single platform. Such network is optimized for TDM (leased lines), IP (Internet access) and POTS (connection to PSTN) services. All management functions are provided by single system AccessGain View (SNMP based).

In AccessGain A155/T155 systems only the robust components of very-high integration level are used. Due to this the competitive cost, high reliability and low power consumption have been achieved. Compact size (19” case 2U height) allows AccessGain A155/T155 to be installed into existing operator’s 19’ rack. AccessGain A155/T155 contains removable interface modules, which allows flexible SDH nodes configuration while network is being developing

Please read PDF Product Description for more information.

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