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An universal Access Platrorm

Compact and Cost-effective TDM multiplexer

AccessGain is an Univarsal Access Plaform, targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs.

Main Features

Voice and Data channels multiplexing/demultiplexing
E1 or Fractional E1 trunk interface operating over 2 km
Interchangeable Voice interfaces:
FXO for direct connection to CO switch ab wires FXS for direct connection of subscriber telephone/modem/fax 4 wire Voice Frequency channel with E&M signaling for PBX connections Four Voice interfaces on each daughter board, up to two daughter boards
V.35 Data Interface
Simple and user friendly Local VT100 management
Remote Telnet or SNMP management with CMU module Different versions of CAS signaling support, easyadaptation to any CAS
Easy software upgrade with flesh ROM
Subrack version for all kinds of Access mechanics (19", 14 slots subrack, 3 and 1 slots compact housings); minirack 19", 1U, housing option


Access Plex - cost-effective voice and data access multiplexer for public, enterprise and utility networks

Access Plex is designed to meet a demand for simple and cost-effective TDM equipment providing access to voice and data services. E1 leased lines and HDSL links remain an important access network mean. With Access Plex operator can simply deliver several voice channels from everywhere to everywhere using any TDM based transport network. Of course, together with data, transmitted via popular V.35 N*64 kbps interface.

Access Plex is also a flexible network element for enterprise or utility networks. Being directly connected using E1 (CAS) or FXO to any existing leased line infrastructure; Access Plex is a universal termination unit. With its flexible voice interfaces it can bring data in combination with 4 or 8 POTS channels or VF channels with E&M signalling for remote PABX connection. Due to CAS flexibility Access Plex can be integrated into nearly any existing network build with PBXs and TDM multiplexers of any vendor.


Voice and Data transport via E1 links (DSL E1 links can be arranged for instance with AccessDSL modems of Access platform)

Delivering voice and data to many termination points in point-to-multipoint or linear topologies (Cross-connect module Access 4XE and DSL modems AccessDSL are also integrated into Access platform)


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