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An universal Access Platrorm

Cost-effective cross-connect solution for linear, tree and star network topologies

AccessGain is an Univarsal Access Plaform, targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs.

The AccessGain FOM product family contains a range of compact and cost-effective multiplexer modems, transmitting 4, 8,12 or 16 E1 streams as well as IP traffic (Ethernet) over two single-mode optical fibres.

AccessGain FOM4 is the most cost-efficient solution, transmitting up to 4 E1 streams. The FOM4 can be deployed in the universal AccessGain shelf, but it is also available as minirack version, which is only taking 1U of space in a 19 cabinet.

The AccessGain FOM16 is the flagship of our FOM product family with capacities of up to 16 E1s, providing 1+1 protection, LCD configuration, built-in SNMP management, performance monitoring and history. In addition to this, the highly modular and scalable AccessGain FOM16E with its optional Ethernet port (LAN) allows to combine IP and TDM traffics for transport over the same fiber-optic cables. All AccessGain FOM products are available in a space saving minirack version.

Due to its Class 1 Laser Diode (1310nm or 1550nm) as an optical emission source, the AccessGain FOM has an extremely long reach and can be effectively used in both metropolitan and rural area networks. E1 interfaces are available as 120Ohm-balanced or 75Ohm-unbalanced versions and are therefore fully complaint with ITU-T G.703 and G.823 standards.



Optical Interface

Optical Source: MLM 1310/1550 nm type LD
Wavelength: 1310/1550 50 nm
Optical Connector: FC/PC type
Output Power /FOM16/: -7 ~ -15 dBm (short-haul), 0 ~ -5dBm (long haul)
Minimum Receive Sensitivity /FOM16/: -34dBm (short haul), -36dBm (long-haul) @ 10 -10BER
System Gain /FOM16/: >19dB (short-haul), >30dB (long-haul)
Output Power /FOM4/: -8dBm
Minimum Receive Sensitivity /FOM4/: -33 ~ -40dBm
System Gain /FOM4/: >25dBm
Redundancy /FOM16/: 1 + 1 protection

E1 Interface

Bit Rate: 2.048Mbps 50ppm
Line Code:HDB3
Pulse Shape: Conforms to ITU-T G.703
Impedance:120 Ohm Balanced, or 75 Ohm Unbalanced
Jitter: Conforms to ITU-T G.823
E1 Connector: DB-25 Female connector (120Ohm) / BNC connector (75Ohm), for minirack only

Power Supply

DC: -36 ~ -72 V
AC: 90 ~ 260 V;47 ~ 63 Hz

Alarm Contacts

Power/signal alarm indicators: 2 sets relay signal to the audible and visible alarm


45(H) X 436(W) X 330 (D) mm /FOM16 minirack/
45(H) X 436(W) X 257 (D) mm /FOM4 minirack/

EMI/EMC Compliance

EN55082-1, EN55022


Operation Temperature: 0 to 60 C
Relative Humidity: 5 to 90%, non-condensing


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