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Main Features

• Line Repeater for AccessDSL SHDSL Modems
• Add-Drop Capability FE1 and RS-232/485
• Locally or Remotely Powered
• Fully Manageable via DSL link Protected IP-67 Housing
• External Alarms Management
• Extended Temperature Range
• High Quality, High Performance
• OEM Adaptation Option


SHDSL repeater for longer reach and add-drop functionality

AccessDSL’s New Generation Modems provide superior reach and noise immunity using G.shdsl (TC-PAM16) line coding compared to other DSL technologies. However some applications need even more distance. Typical examples of such applications are:

• DSL links alongside Railways, Pipelines, Power lines, Waterways
• DSL transport to remote concentrators in rural areas
• GSM base station connections along motorways, railroads, canals
• Military applications

You now have a cost-effective option for such applications, by using an AccessDSL G.SHDSL Add-Drop repeater. Each repeater fully regenerates the signal and thus doubles the transmission distance. Even with many (above 10) repeaters in a link the head-end interfaces fully correspond to the standards (G.703 or N*64(V.36, V.36, X.21) without having the usual back-to-back repeater “jitter and wander’ problems. Each repeater board supports one pair. Repeaters can be locally or remotely powered. Remote power can be supplied by LTU AccessDSL cards or by a separate optional Power Supply unit (RPSU-300).

Being more then just a repeater, the AccessDSL unit has add-drop capabilities. In each repeater location you can add and drop Time Slots (using standard Fractional E1 interface) into the DSL data stream. This eliminates a need for additional multiplexers and DSL modems for “linear network topologies” saving significant costs. You also have an option to choose asynchronous and N*64 interfaces (i.e. RS-232 or RS-485), which convert the repeater into a data acquisition device often needed for industrial automation purposes and communications along pipelines, railways, motorways, waterways etc. With an optional external alarm management function, you can collect alarm information from external sensors such as lock control, floatation, fire etc.

A DSL link containing one or several AccessDSL repeaters is fully manageable either from LTU and/or NTU side. AccessDSL repeaters are delivered in protected IP-67 housings to meet harsh environmental conditions or in a standard in-door plastic housing option.

For OEM projects, the repeater can be adapted to your specific housing, line coding (SHDSL based) and management system.



Remotely powered repeater and NTU to double the distance:

Two remotely powered repeaters to triple the distance


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