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An Universal Access Platform

AccessGain is an Univarsal Access Plaform, targeted to meet both typical carrier applications and access network needs.

Main Features

19 AccessGain shelf, 6U height, 14 slots for modules of AccessGain and AccessDSL series, front or rear side connections
AccessGain COMPACT housing for 3 modules (3 slots), Table Top or wall mounted
AccessGain LIT housing for single module (1 slot), Table Top or wall mounted
VT100 management of all the modules via single interface, interconnection of several shelves via serial bus RS485
Telnet or SNMP management with CMU module


Universal 19 Shelf, COMPACT and LIT housings, ACU and CMU management modules

The AccessGain Universal 19 subrack accommodates all the modules of AccessGain and AccessDSL families. It has two (upper and lower) backplanes for interconnections of the modules. There is no need for a common power supply unit since a secondary power supply is placed on each module. Power (48 or 60 VDC) and management terminal (VT100) connectors are on the rear or front (optional) side of the shelf. All interface and cable connections except pair-gain and IAD are on the front side of the shelf. Pair-gain and IAD have the connectors placed on lower backplane.

The COMPACT housing is a plastic enclosure, which has three slots for any module of AccessGain platform. It is convenient for campus applications or for installations on the subscriber side. LIT housing is a one-slot plastic enclosure for mounting of a single card. It is useful for applications where only one module is required and, so, universal shelf is not optimal from cost and size points of view.

The local management is provided via RS232 interface of the shelf. The management terminal (VT100 type) can access any of the local boards as well as remote NTU and repeater units. Optional ACU (1 slot) and CMU (1 or 2 slots) modules provide the second VT100 port (redundancy) and alarm relays. Centralised network management can be provided by CMU module. CMU module has its own IP address and can be reached via Internet by Telnet protocol. SNMP version of CMU and MIB file is also available. On per customer request a complete management system with graphical user interface can be provided.

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