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Establish Structures

Ramp up International Sales and Business

    Create and Develop Your Own Market Presence
    Invest only as Sales Grow

Establish Structures
Once you have identified a target area and started the initial sales process, we work to jump-start your sales. Then we assist you to build up a regional presence all with the lowest possible risk to you.

  • Jump-start your International Sales
    Build Channel Distribution Network
    Execute Competitive Sales Plan
    Negotiate and Close Deals
    Manage Delivery and Implementation
    Initial Marketing, Communications and PR support (multilingual)
    Interim Management where required
    Search and Selection of Personnel

S-Access has already shown many companies how to achieve profitable international sales. Your company can also start its international growth plan with minimal risk.

Call today to have a no obligation discussion with one of our international import experts:
Tel: +41 44 700 31 11
or email us: info @ s-access.ch

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